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Visits from family and friends help patients heal; so do rest and sleep. It's a delicate balance that our caregivers value highly. Visitors are encouraged to take an active role in the care of loved ones. Ask the nurse or medical provider how well recovery is progressing and how you might help during your loved one's stay.

To allow your loved one to recover and to respect the recovery of your loved one's room-mate, please follow these steps:

  • limit the number of visitors at any one time;
  • follow infection precautions: if a sign is posted outside your loved one's room, follow the instructions, and ask a nurse to explain them if you are unsure of what to do;
  • use a public bathroom: for infection prevention and medical reasons (sample collection over several hours or measurement of urine output), toilets in patient rooms should be used by patients only;
  • don't wear perfume and if you smoke, ensure your clothing is free of tobacco odors before entering the Hospital; some patients have allergies, have challenged breathing, or may experience nausea or headaches with strong odors;
  • if you are sick, coughing, or sneezing, consider visiting at a time when you are well. Most germs spread through the air or through touch; those who are recovering from surgery or an illness may not be able to fend off an attack from germs;
  • If you wish to bring food from outside, check with the care team: your loved one may have dietary restrictions, and his or her room-mate may have allergies or be on "no food or liquid" restrictions for a prolongued period of time;
  • consult the care team regarding visits from toddlers and preschoolers;
  • consult the care team for special instructions if your loved one is in a restricted area, such as intensive/critical care, the detoxification unit, or the chemical dependency rehabilitation unit.

A quiet meditation room on 2nd floor directly across from the double elevators is reserved for prayer and reflection or a consultation with a medical or spiritual care provider.

Patient and family lounges are available on each of the Hospital's four floors. On first floor there are designated areas for family members to gather near the emergency department and near the imaging department. On the second floor, there is a lounge near the silver elevator. Third floor's lounge area is located just outside the Birthplace. On fourth floor, the ambulatory surgery department has a designated area near the registration desk for family members. If you'd like to be in a lounge or the cafeteria and are awaiting news, please inform staff at the nursing desk.

What does quality healthcare mean to you?

To most patients and their families, it means adherence to the most rigorous, medically and scientifically verified standards available. We measure our processes against these standards, and we are dedicated to continuous improvement.

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