Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can help patients with an orthopedic injury or condition restore functionality, reduce pain, and regain strength and stability. It is a non-invasive course of treatment and in some cases can serve as an alternative to pain management and surgery. Your physical therapist will administer appropriate treatments, such as heat, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, massage, or a whirlpool or ice bath. They will design a series of exercises that will help you regain mobility, build strength, and complete your daily activities without pain. You’ll learn how to complete those exercises at home, and your physical therapist can help you establish a complementary fitness program. St. Lawrence Health System offers physical therapy in both Canton and Potsdam, and there are a number of independent physical therapy providers in St. Lawrence County. 



Physiatry, also called physical medicine and rehabilitation, is branch of medicine focused on restoring functionality to people with disabilities and/or injuries related to the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. Physiatrists are medical or osteopathic doctors who complete four years of residency training. They collaborate with physical therapy providers to ensure patients receive comprehensive rehabilitation services. The orthopedic practice works closely with Dr. Sheryl Movsas, physiatrist with the St. Lawrence Health System. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Movsas, please contact our office. 

Hand Therapy

The only hand therapists in St. Lawrence County

St. Lawrence Health System is home to a robust hand therapy practice housed in the orthopedic center. Our two Certified Hand Therapists, Katie Curran and Doreen Francey, treat patients with any conditions that affect the hands and upper extremities. They are both occupational therapists with over five years of clinical experience, including 4,000 or more hours in direct hand therapy practice. Curran and Francey work closely with Dr. Haasbeek and the orthopedic team to ensure that patients receive the best quality care. They are the only hand therapists in St. Lawrence County – the closest other hand therapy practices are in Syracuse and Plattsburgh.