Orthopedic treatments vary greatly based on the severity of an injury or conditions: some patients can be treated with rest, pain management or physical therapy; others may require surgery that entails joint replacement or joint repair.

St. Lawrence Health System’s orthopedic team provides a comprehensive range of orthopedic treatment to our patients. Our modern facility and equipment, including a new portable x-ray machine that assists with guided injections, allows us to deliver the leading edge treatments that help our patients restore mobility and return to an active life. 

Joint Repair

Our surgeons use these techniques to repair damaged joints.

Joint Replacement

We replace damaged joints with prosthetics fit just for you 

Physical Therapy

Building strength and flexibility is key to your recovery. 

Sports Medicine

Get back to living an active life. 



Addressing the autoimmune conditions that affect your joints, muscles and bones. 


Keeping your feet healthy and strong.


Pain Management

Controlling pain so you can heal.