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Main Hospital Switchboard: 315-265-3300

Confidential Hotlines:
Corporate Compliance: 315-261-5005
Patient Safety Concerns: 315-261-5205
Privacy Concerns: 315-261-5205

Acker, FACHE, David B.
President and CEO
Phone: 315-261-6003
Alberto, III, Carlos
AVP, Business Development/Physician Recruitment/Physician Practice Management
Phone: (315) 261-5942
Allen, Keri
Director, Patient Experience
Phone: 315-261-5050
Bishop, Brent
Assistant VP, Strategy and Business Development
Phone: 315-261-5108
Black, Joey
Director, Ambulatory Surgery
Phone: 315-265-3300
Briggs, Maxine
Phone: 315-261-5103
Bullock, Adam
Director, Chemical Dependency Rehabilitation
Phone: 315-265-5954
Fax: 315-265-6422
Burch, Eric
Chief Operations Officer
Phone: 315-261-6004
Carroll, Janet
Chief Nursing Officer
Phone: 315-261-5505
Chase-Lauther, Deborah
Community Relations & Social Media
Phone: 315-261-5413
Coates, Alison
Director, Clinical Research
Phone: (315) 261-6013
Collins, Jacob "Jake"
Interim Revenue Cycle Director
Phone: 205 908-7338 (mobile)
Collins, Jennifer
Coordinator, Staff Education
Phone: 315-261-5435
Cordts, Laura
Director, Wellness & Sustainability
Phone: 315-261-5412
Cox, Karen
Director, Laboratory Services
Phone: 315-261-5942
DeRosa, Tom
Manager, Surgical Supply Chain
Phone: 315-261-5032
Donovan, Linda M.
Coordinator, Hospitalist Program
Phone: 315-261-5506
Dorothy, Dan
Director, Materials Management
Phone: 315-265-5261
Fax: 315-265-6406
Ellis, Patricia
Nurse Practitioner, Cardiology, Heart Failure
Phone: 315-274-9102
Faber, Rebecca
Director, Corporate Communications
Phone: 315-261-5401
Fax: 315-261-6455
Giromini, Anne
Patient Navigator, Center for Cancer Care
Phone: 315 261-5890
Gratto, Benjamin
Emergency Management and Safety Officer
Phone: 315-261-5055
Grillo, Jorge
VP Information Systems (CIO)
Phone: 315-265-5200
Fax: 315-265-6400
Grillo, Kathleen
Director, Health Information Management
Phone: 315-261-5270
Hall, Frances
AVP, Patient Care Services
Phone: 315-261-5503
Hatwood, Carlye
Assistant VP, Quality
Phone: 315-261-5060
Hodgson, Susan M
Chief Compliance Officer/Quality & Performance Improvement
Phone: 315-261-5501
Huckle, Jon
Project Manager, Facilities
Phone: 315-261-5344
Jacobs, Daniel
Coordinator, Chemical Dependency Rehabilitation Intake
Phone: 315-261-2309
Jacobs, Richard
VP Finance (CFO)
Phone: 315-265-5101
Fax: 315-265-6401
Kelly, Patsy
Nursing Supervisor 3PM - 11PM
Phone: 315 261-4002
Medical Staff, Office
Phone: 315-261-5004
Fax: 315-265-2056
Nichols, Ellen
Assistant Director, Quality Management
Phone: 315-261-5035
Nugent, Amy
Director, Professional Nursing Practice
Phone: 315-261-5433
Palmer, Martha
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Phone: 315-261-5550
Parmeter, Scott
Nursing Supervisor 11PM - 7AM
Phone: 315 261-5502
Peterson, Jeffrey
Director, Perioperative Services
Phone: 315-265-3300
Petrovic, Bojan
Director of Infrastructure and Support, Information Systems
Phone: 315-261-5214
Fax: 315-261-6400
Pomerleau, Catherine M.
Director of Respiratory Therapy
Phone: 315-261-2507
Quiroga-Garcia, Adriana
Population Health Manager
Phone: 315-261-5612
Scanlon, Jackie
Director, Patient Safety
Phone: 315-261-2500
Schwartfigure, Debra
Nursing Supervisor 11PM - 7AM
Phone: 315-261-5502
Serago, Mark
Director, Center for Cancer Care
Phone: 315-261-5890
Simzer, Terri
Director, Physical Rehabilitation
Phone: 315-261-5490/5494
Smith, Lauren
Registered Dietitian; Interim Director, Food and Nutrition Services
Phone: 315-261-5351
Sogoian, David
Director, Pharmacy
Phone: 315-261-5510
Sykes, Tammy RN
Emergency Medicine Services
Phone: 315-265-5910
Fax: 315-265-6410
Tacchino, Sharalee
Assistant Director, Chemical Dependency Rehabilitation
Phone: 315-261-5403
Thompson, Christian
Director, Clinical Applications
Phone: 315-261-5074
VanBrocklin, Randy
Director, Plant Operations and Maintenance
Phone: 315-261-5300
Wood, Nancy
Infection Prevention
Phone: 315-261-5020
Fax: 315-261-6360
Woodward, Stacie
Director, Imaging Services
Phone: 315-261-5932
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