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The Center for Cancer Care is just one facet of the comprehensive care provided by Canton-Potsdam Hospital and the St. Lawrence Health System. To learn more about the services they provide, visit the CPH home page.
Clinical Trials

They precede a drug’s FDA approval and release on the market. A clinical trial offers patients access to new drugs and the opportunity to contribute to scientific knowledge that benefits others. There are three phases to clinical trials: Phase I, which determines whether people can safely take the drug; Phase II, which determines whether the drug works to effectively treat disease; and Phase III, when a drug that has worked well in a small group of people is widely tested and its results are compared to the current standard of care.


The Center for Cancer Care partners with Canton-Potsdam Hospital's Clinical Research Department to evaluate opportunities to enroll patients in clinical trials.

Even if we do not offer a clinical trial at the Center for Cancer Care, our oncologists collaborate with and refer patients to physicians at academic medical centers to ensure our they have access to the most advanced treatment.