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The Center for Cancer Care is just one facet of the comprehensive care provided by Canton-Potsdam Hospital and the St. Lawrence Health System. To learn more about the services they provide, visit the CPH home page.
Additional Treatments

CPH is a community hospital. Our expert team can treat most cancers according to national guidelines. We are passionate about providing our community with a world-class level of care. If, however, a patient is diagnosed with a rare or complicated cancer, in many cases it is in their best interest that we refer them to a larger academic or tertiary care hospital with the appropriate specialists. 

Our doctors often consult with their mentors and peers who are leaders in the field.

And patients often consult with doctors at larger institutions and then opt to coordinate with their home oncologist and receive treatment at CPH’s Center for Cancer Care. For us, that’s a win-win. You get the best of both worlds—expert opinions in the medical field, and expert care close to home. 


The Center for Cancer Care does not currently offer stem cell transplants.If you are seeking these services, please consult with your oncologist for a referral.