CPH Staff Members "Model" Patient Safety

CPH Staff Members "Model" Patient Safety

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Contact: Rebecca Faber
Corporate Communications – 261-5404

December 10, 2012

CPH Staff Members "Model" Patient Safety

[Photo caption: Tracy Jarvis, member of the Medical Staff Satisfaction Team and Administrative Assistant in the office of Corporate Communications at Canton-Potsdam Hospital, adjusts protective clothing modeled by Chantal M. Rainville, BSN, RN, Medical/Surgical 2nd Floor, who volunteered to be photographed for signage identifying the kind of protective clothing and gear staff members and visitors must wear when entering CPH's patient rooms in which infectious conditions are present that could be spread to others.

"We implemented this style of signage over a year ago," said Nancy Wood, RN, Infection Prevention Nurse at CPH. "Before then, the signs had to be read and staff and visitors found it difficult to comply with standard precautions. Now the signs provide a quick and easy-to-grasp visual cue, so compliance is much easier, and consequently we're better able to safeguard patients and families," she said. Ms. Jarvis updates the signage regularly, using "models" familiar to staff members.]

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