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To help you quit smoking or tobacco use, the Tobacco Cessation Center of Northern New York is one of 19 centers in New York State established in 2004 to advance evidence based research on the treatment of tobacco dependence. The program is headquartered in health care facilities in St. Lawrence, Jefferson, and Lewis counties. The goal of the program is to educate former and current smokers about the evidence-based facts on smoking. Also, the program is designed to encourage practitioners to talk with their patients about qutting smoking for the benefit of the patient. All of this is designed to support a state goal to reduce the number of smokers in New York State by one million people. 

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For Patients:
The Tobacco Cessation program is designed to assist you with quiting every step of the way. The program encourages doctors to talk to their patients and provides the quitting supplies needed to be successful. Also, quit workshops take place every two weeks for support and these meetings are lead by a tobacco cessation specialist. Canton-Potsdam Hospital will work with a patient to ensure an attempt to quit will become successful. The calendar of the free quit tobacco workshops is available here.

For Doctors:
In reality the Tobacco Cessation program is designed to be as focused on the patient as it is on the doctor. One of the main goals of the program is to break the silence surrounding tobacco cessation in a health care setting. Doctors are being encouraged to start the conversation with their patients regarding tobacco cessation. Did you know Doctors that nearly 70% of all smokers want to quit and that 30% of quitters last year did so because their doctor advised them to. Your patients trust you and need your support to quit. With your backing they can be successful.

The 5A's for Doctors
Ask - "Do you smoke or use tobacco products?"
Advise - "As your doctor, you need to know that quitting smoking is the most important thing you can do to improve your health right now."
Assess - "Are you willing to make a quit attempt at this time?"
Assist - "I am here to help you be successful in quitting."
Arrange - "Please schedule a follow up one week after your quit date so we can see how you're doing."

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