Respiratory Care (Outpatient)

The Outpatient Respiratory Services department is available to perform diagnostic testing as well as provide educational materials and instruction.

Pulmonary Function Testing: Including spirometry with or without bronchodilators, FRC, and DLCO.

Pulse Oximetry: At rest, with ambulation, or continuous overnight monitoring

Aerosol Therapy MDI Instruction: demonstration and evaluation of technique used for metered dose inhalations; with spacer device if needed for effective administration of medication.

Peak Flow Instruction: demonstration and evaluation of technique using peak flow meter to monitor asthma, cystic fibrosis and degenerative muscle disease symptoms and airway obstruction.

Bronchoprovocation: inhalations of Methacholine or Aridol to evaluate airway hypersensitivity for a more definitive diagnosis of asthma.

Exercise Challenge Testing: treadmill protocol to evaluate airway hypersensitivity for a more definitive diagnosis of exercise induced asthma.

Arterial Blood Gases: To accurately monitor patients with suspected hypoxia or elevated PCO2.

Flutter Valve Instruction: Demonstration and evaluation of technique used for patients needing assistance with airway mucus clearance.

All Appointments can be scheduled through Central Scheduling 261-5240.

To make a referral:

Contact: Charnelle Farr, RCP
Phone: (315) 261-5958
Fax: (315) 261-6451
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Hours: Monday-Friday, 7am-3pm

Magendra Thakur, MD 

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